The high specification small antenna tracking system, at an attractive price.

Antenna types supported   Skyware 1.2m type 123, Skyware 1.8m type 183, Skyware, Skyware 2.4m type 243. Prodelin 1.2m types 1134, 3120, Prodelin 1.8m types 1194, 3180, Prodelin 2.4m types 1244, 1251, 3244, Prodelin 3.0m type 1304, Prodelin 3,7m type 1374 and Prodelin 3.8m type 1385. Other antenna sizes or manufacturers on request.
Tracking algorithms   NORAD tracking based on downloaded TLEs, Step-tracking using optional extemal beacon receiver
Mount type   Elevation over Azimuth with Polarization motorization as an option
Adjustment range Elevation 5'-90° Continuous with electrical limit switches
  Azimuth ± 60' Continuous with electrical limit switches (±90° for slew drive models)
  Polarisation ± 90‘ Continuous with ‘Toggle Pol' for easy selection of opposite polarization (Ku-band only)
Slew speed   > 1° per second for Az and El, 5° per second for Pol
Controller interfaces Front panel High contrast 40x8 character display with 6 soft keys, direction arrows, 'enter’, ‘clear‘ and ‘home‘. Bi-colour leds to indicate motor drive and direction, emergency stop.
  Web Integral Web server with separate pages for PC and pocket tablet control. Allows manual uploading or input of TLE files. Provides accessibility to external I/O.
  RM&C Fully featured remote control protocol for integration into larger NMS
Electrical interfaces   Ethernet for connection to Internet and Web client. Serial for modem connection, 3 Encoder interfaces, 3 Motor interfaces (programmable from 8 to 30v), +24v DC Out, External DC input, 2 Beacon receiver inputs. Emergency stop loop. External I/O available via web interface (16 Opto-isolated status inputs, 16 Opto-isolated inputs/open collector outputs, 8 clean contact relay closures, 2 analogue voltage inputs) 3.0m. 3.7m and 3.8m models use mains motors and and outdoor motor control box linked to the indoor controller over fibre. Slew drive versions of the 1.8m and 2.4m antennas have DC motors with an outdoor motor control box linked to the indoor controller over fibre.
Mast pipe interface   2.88”, 4.5", 5.56", 6.65" and 10.5" nominal diameter depending on antenna. Adjustment on the mount allows up to 5°correction to be applied to a chleve verticality
Environment Temperature -10°C to +40°C
  Humidity 0 to 100% (Non Condensing)
  Atmosphere Salt, Pollutants and Contaminants as Encountered in Coastal and Industrial Areas
  Solar radiation 360 BTU/h/ft2
Shock and vibration   As Encountered During Shipping and Handling
Dimensions Controller 19” Rackmount, 2U, 400mm deep
  Mount 1000mm x 700mm x 600mm depending on antenna size
Weight Controller 7kg
  Mount 30kg (1.2m), 45kg (1.8m) or 60kg (2.4m) excluding antenna. Pol Motor 7kg



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SlewDriveV2 Aug2017

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