ANTENNA SYSTEMS: S3 Satcom can help you select the right antenna system for your earth station with supplier agnostic advice - including Cassegrain, Gregorian or Dual Offset, manual or motorised mounts, azuimuth and elevation ranges, circular or linear polarisation, step tracking or orbit prediction, and de-icing options.

CROSS-SITE WAVEGUIDE: S3 Satcom will design a cross-site waveguide solution that will minimise loss at the operational frequencies, selecting the right type of waveguide for your need (size for frequency, elliptical or rigid), with appropriate pressurisation and allowing for antenna movement.

RECEIVE SYSTEMS: S3 Satcom will design a receive system to achieve the required G/T, using the appropriate type of LNA (DRO or PLL), physical positioning of the LNA, transmit reject filters, cross site SHF or L-band cables, redundancy switching, SHF splitters/diplexers, block downconverters and patches.

WAVEGUIDE SYSTEMS: S3 Satcom have extensive experience of waveguide systems, managing the often complex physical design to provide redundancy switching, test load switching, hardware mimic panels, software mimic desktops, monitoring points, terminations, attenuators and adaptors.

HIGH POWER AMPLIFIERS: S3 Satcom can provide supplier agnostic advice on the right type of high power amplifiers to suit your specific needs - including TWTA for multi-transponder use, KPA for fast tuning narrow-band, SSPA for very linear wideband operations from XiCom, CPI, E2V, Vertex and Paradise.

IF TO RF SYSTEMS: S3 Satcom can select the appropriate IF to RF system to suit your needs - including 70MHz, 140MHz or L-band input systems, IF processing (group delay equalisation and uplink power control), upconversion, block upconverters, and IF combining.

BASEBAND SYSTEMS: S3 Satcom can help select the appropriate baseband solutions to suite your needs - including channel per carrier technology (SCPC, multiple SCPC or MCPC), analalogue or digital video encoders, multiplexers combining ASI streams and modulators (QPSK, 8PSL or 16QAM).



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