SERVER-CLIENT ARCHITECTURE: With the Fiesta solution a supervisor continuously monitors the equipment status at each earth station. Fiesta clients then communicate with the supervisors for monitor and control of the station. One client can connect to multiple earth stations, or multiple clients can control one earth station.

WIDE RANGE OF DEVICES: With a system that can be scaled to have almost unlimited serial RS232/422/485, TCP/IP Ethernet, parallel (relays, opti-isolators etc) and GPI equipment interfaces, Fiesta provides a complete monitor and control solution for all the devices and systems in today's earth stations.

INTUITIVE GRAPHICAL DISPLAY: Designed to meet the needs of the satellite earth station operator, Fiesta presents information in an intuitive fashion using familiar tools, including a graphical interface showing the system diagram and access to parameters by drilling down through icons with a mouse or on a touch screen.

SECURITY LEVELS: Fiesta includes five (5) levels of password protected security, from total privileges for an administrator to view only for the lowert level monitoring access. Each parameter being monitoring and controlled c an be individually assigned to specific security levels.

CONFIGURABLE ALARMS: Both on-screen graphical alarms and audible summary alarrms are provided in a Fiesta monitor and control solution. Users can configure every individual parameter to disable alarms, alarm changes as major to minor, or alarm out of range values as major to minor.

COMPREHENSIVE LOGGING: Fiesta logs the event date and time, earth station, equipment source, operator and client workstation as standard. Users can configure every individual parameter's event logging to log all changes, log out of range, or log at timed intervals. Users can also add comments to the log.



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