S3 Satcom is in Members' Voluntary Liquidation and has ceased trading

On Tuesday March 22nd 2022, S3 Satcom entered Member's Voluntary Liquidation and has now ceased trading. This is a Solvent liquidation and all outstanding invoices must be settled in full, on or before their due date


The company is still honouring any warranty commitments made until the expiry of these warranties. Our email addresses will continue to work for the next 2 years and we will respond to any request for warranty support. The mobile phone numbers of the former directors will also continue to work. If you need assistance for a warranty issue, please contact us via email or use the appropriate contact form on the page here.

If your equipment is out of warranty then we may still be able to assist you. We will continue to hold stock of some spare parts (particularly for our Satsio product line) although once this stock is exhausted, we will not be able obtain further parts. On an ad-hoc basis, the former directors may be able to assist with information on where to obtain spares that were not manufuactered by us. Please use the appropriate contact form on the page here.

For information on the ongoing provision of ephemeris data for Satsio systems in the future and for information on issues with passwords and cookies on Satsio systems please click here.


We would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for their help and support over the last 20 years. Whilst a number of us are retiring, others will still be around and our paths could well cross again.

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